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     Brochevski (Amai Rawls Jr.) b.2000 is an American artist who creates collages using hand-cut U.S. currency to place a monetary value on the emotional rollercoaster that is life. He only uses real and 100% authentic currency to create his artworks, adding that the authenticity further validates his subject matter and dedication to his work.

     The Louisville-based artist uses the mutilated currency to recreate scenes combining his external surroundings and introvertive imagination, telling a story where every character is played by George Washington. The surreal landscapes and vignettes featured in his work explore a wide range of emotional components in human-life, while questioning society's obsession with material status and disregard for personal well-being.

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Course Of Ones (My) Life (Art Career)

Solo Exhibitions:

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Group Shows:

2022.     'Made Of Paper' Gallery 104, Lagrange, KY

2022.    BUTTER 2 Art Fair GangGang, Indianapolis, IN

-Featured In New York Times.

2022.    'No theme Holiday Group Show' Storage Space Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

2022.     Indiana @ The Beach, Satellite Art Show, Miami, FL

2023.    'Home Sweet Home: Nostalgia...ish' Chicago Truborn, Chicago, IL

2023 Black Boy Art Show Atlanta, GA

2023 'OHIO, KENTUCKY, INDIANA REGIONAL' Manifest Gallery Cincinnati, OH  Juried Exhibition

2023 'Main Floor,' Revelry Boutique Gallery, Louisville, KY 

2023 'UnderGround', OneDrop World Columbus, IN

2023.     'ALT,' Revelry Boutique Gallery, Louisville, KY

2023.     BUTTER 2023 Art Fair, GangGang, Indianapolis, IN


2019.     Scholastic Art & Writing Award Regional Gold Medal Award In Mixed Media For Artwork Titled "$73"

2019.     Scholastic Art & Writing Award National Gold Key Award For Artwork Titled "$73"


2023.     'Project Bloom' The Wall Muse, Indianapolis, IN


2022.    Spectrum News 1 'Artist Uses Dollar Bills As his Medium To illustrate His Life, Discuss Mental Health' 

2022.     PATTERN Magazine 'BUTTER Artist Series: Q+A With Amai Rawls'

2022.     Canvas Rebel 'Meet Amai Rawls (Brochevski)

2023.    IndyStar: See the best of BUTTER Fine Art Fair 2023 at the Stutz

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How Brochevski Began Making ~Money Art~

When Rawls was in 3rd grade, his art teacher would begin class with a 5-minute period where she would teach us something about art history, or something interesting in the world of art. And on this particular day, she showed a video about a guy named Mark Wagner, who made art out of money, Rawls thought it was cool, but as far as he was concerned he really only wanted to draw and paint.
Fast forward 7 years when Rawls was in 10th grade (sophomore year of high school) and he had gained knowledge that two good friends were getting me a Christmas present. Rawls had never been the greatest gift giver but he is a more sentimental gift giving typa guy, so he would rather make them something than buy them something. So after checking his wallet to find out he only had $12, that video of Mark Wagner making art out of money popped back into his head, and he gave it a shot. The first two money-Art pieces Rawls made were a sea turtle and an LSU tiger (their favorite animals). Rawls made them, then later gifted them, and they absolutely loved them. And that’s how this all started. There were a bunch more revelations that lead me to realizing this was something He wanted to take seriously. But that’s how it started!

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