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Want To Commission A Piece?

Sweet, Thank You For Showing Interest In My Work! My General Rates Are As Follows:

4 x 6 inch -$700*

5 x 7 inch -$1,050*

7 x 12 inch -$2,000*

11 x 15 inch -$3,900*

18 x 24 inch -$10,200*

Anything Larger Is to be Determined!

(*All Prices Do Not Include Framing, Prices For Framing Will Be Determined After Completion With Customer)

Do You Know What You Want? If Not, No Problem! Brochevski Can Help You Come Up With An Artwork That Best Suits What You Need For Your Walls!

In Any Case, Fill Out The Commission Form Below And Brochevski Will Be In Touch With You ASAP (Generally Within 2 business Days).


1. All Commissions Are Of Course Subject To Brochevski's Own Interest.

2. A Non-Refundable Deposit Of 50% The Total Value Of The Artwork Is Due Before Work Can Begin. I Do Use Authentic Dollars For These Works, So I'd Hate To Spend My Own Food Money To Begin Your Piece And Leave Myself Hungry Until Completion Haha!

3. Enjoy Your Brochevski Artwork! You Are Now Part Of An Extremely Exclusive Club Of Brochevski Collectors, Whom I Like To Refer To Simply As "The Bro's" (Fully Gender-inclusive).

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Thanks for submitting!

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