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You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own....
You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own.

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Brochevski's Mission Is To Equally Validate And Make Aware The Infinitely Wide Spectrum Of Human Emotions. Happiness May Feel Great, But How Great Would It Really Be If You Were Never Sad Enough To Appreciate The Feeling Of Being Ecstatic.

     In Essence, Life Is Sonder:

"The Realization That Each Random Passerby Is Living A Life As Vivid And Complex As Your Own—Populated With Their Own Ambitions, Friends, Routines, Worries And Inherited Craziness—An Epic Story That Continues Invisibly Around You Like An Anthill Sprawling Deep Underground, With Elaborate Passageways To Thousands Of Other Lives That You’ll Never Know Existed, In Which You Might Appear Only Once, As An Extra Sipping Coffee In The Background, As A Blur Of Traffic Passing On The Highway, As A Lighted Window At Dusk." The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows

     Through Exposing And Endorsing All Of The Emotions I Feel, I Can Help Everyone Else Be More Comfortable In Their Vastly Different And Equally As Complex Skin. 

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Brochevski (Amai Rawls Jr.) was born and raised in Louisville, KY. Being the second born of a single mother of 4, Rawls found peace in the comfort of his own world using art as a form of self-therapy and expression.
Rawls is self-taught and is primarily influenced by the the differences in how he and others perceive and tailor our lives. His work is playful in nature, with a deeper look leaving viewers astonished as they realize what tantalizing story may meet the eye.

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"I reached out to Brochevski to commission an artwork to celebrate my success in my business.  I wanted to frame a dollar but not have it be just a boring dollar in a frame.  Brochevski created something beyond my wildest expectations and it’s one of my favorite works in my collection.  He’s a dream to work with, and his artwork just keeps becoming more interesting the longer I spend with it."

Shelley B.


"All of Brochevski’s art pieces are amazing, After admiring his artwork for quite some time I contacted him to have a recreation of one of his earlier works made for myself,  the process was quick and very affordable, This artist is pleasant to work with and delivered an outstanding addition to my currency art collection."


'The D-Man' 2022

"Absolutely! I put D-man up right in front of the best seat in house. So George is just judging everybody and everything. Love it."

Patrick D.

Read like a book.

I've been a huge fan of Brochevski's work since discovering him a couple years ago. His creativity, attention to detail, and continuing evolution have kept me eagerly anticipating each new masterpiece!"


'Hidden Treasure' 2022

"BUTTER is a multi-day fine art fair in Indy that centers and elevates Black artists. There were dozens of Midwest and nationally recognized artists at the show, but Amai’s work was truly show-stopping. I’ve never seen currency used as a medium and the level of detail and creativity is top-notch. The adventures of George through the imagination of Amai puts a smile on everyone’s faces."

Blake R.

'Handy Dandy' 2022

“Brochevski is one of a kind, and a rising star in the next generation of American artists. Instead of oils and acrylics, he paints in cold hard cash, transforming the “found object” of everyday dollar bills into evocative and exceptional creations. You’ll never see art—or currency—the same way again.”

C.A. Hyde

Dinner Date

“We first met Brochevski at Butter 2, and loved his pieces right away. Alongside the fun and joy you can easily see in these works is serious commentary that is every bit as meaningful. The layers you can find are what makes his pieces so interesting.”

Barry W.

'BackBoard George' 2021

"The dude cuts money up."


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